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NextCast Zone 3D

NextCast Zone 3D

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NextCast have taken the Zone 2D success one step futher. After rigorous testing and development, the Zone singlepieces are ready for market. This is a very easy-to-cast line with lots of power in the back. Most of the work with making these lines have been developing the front of the line. The result is a line that can turn over big, heavy flies and still be very stable.

For those of you who know Zone 2D from before: the weight of the Zone 3D is tip included, and the tip weighs 125 grains. This means that if you’ve used 500 grains on the Zone 2D, you should choose 625 grains on the Zone 3D.

A clear choice for medium-sized rivers.


Available Densities:

FFF: Float
FH1: Float + Hover + Intermediate
H12: Hover + Intermediate + Sink2
123: Intermediate + Sink2 + Sink3
246: Sink2 + Sink4 + Sink6
468: Sink4 + Sink6 + Sink8
6810: Sink6 +Sink8 + Sink10


475 grains         33,6` ft

500 grains         34,4  ft

525 grains         35,2` ft

550 grains         36`    ft

575 grains         36,8` ft

600 grains         37,6` ft

625 grains         38,4` ft

675 grains         40`    ft

725 grains         41.6` ft

775 grains         43,2` ft

825 grains         44,8` ft

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