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NextCast Nordic 3D

NextCast Nordic 3D

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NextCast Nordic succeeds NextCast SalarFinder, which made a revolution in shooting heads when they entered the scene.

 The new Nordic lines come in 2 options:

- A 2D line to combine with a Nextcast tip in 10 or 12 feet

- A 3D line where all you have to do is attach a leader.

In the process of making the Nordic lines we had two criteria: To make a line that will be the most stable line we've ever made, and to have enough weight in the back taper so you will easily feel the NextCast magic. 

The line just explodes through the air with ease and presents your fly with a gentle touch on the water.

The most delicate line from NextCast.

Length and weight:

540gr - 36,5 ft

580gr - 38,2 ft

640gr - 40,2 ft

700gr - 42,3 ft

760gr - 44,35 ft

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