Which line is for you?

NextCast Fly Lines are used by many of the most experienced salmon anglers and spey casters around the world today. There are several reasons why...


If you are a person who just wants one set up that both fishes and casts with high performance you should take a look at our Zone lines, the most popular line in our range in the last years. Here you will have a multi-tip system with a wide range of densities that can be combined with different tips. The Zone lines are really powerful with a lot of weight located in the rear end of the line, meaning it will load the rod in an extreme way. It simply makes all aspects of spey casting very easy.


If you want a line that is delicate and lands on the surface with a small kiss on the water, you should have a look at both the SalarFinder 40 and 45. This system also comes in a large range with all densities you will need, and with the opportunity to change tips for different conditions. They have a tapering that will take out the best from your fly rod, with very easy and delicate presentations. If you want lines that are a bit shorter, the SalarFinder 40 is your go-to setup. If you are more into longer lines, for the more experienced angler, the SalarFinder 45 could suit you well.




If you want a setup where you do not need to think about interchangeable tips, the singlepieces are the lines for you. They tend to go even smoother in the air, and they are really easy to use. No add-ons, just the line and the leader. The SF40 singlepiece has been the most sold line in 2022. They are also available in SF45. News for 2023 is the Zone singlepiece and we know after the testing period in 2022 that it will be a success.


All singlepieces come from full float up to a 6810, meaning you can cover every condition imaginable.


For tight conditions and heavy flies, the new Nextcast Core is something unique. Short heads that will be able to use tips all the way up to t18 and large heavy flies. Also, a great line if you are fishing in tight places. The Core comes in two different versions, the 16 and the 23. This means either 16 feet or 23 feet.

Since these lines are very short we recommend that you choose a line that is 50 grains lower than you would use in a Zone line. This is an awesome line that can be a "secret weapon" in certain conditions.


Chasing salmon and seatrout with a single-handed rod?

The new Nextcast Troutfinder is a multi-tip system for Trout Spey and singlehanded rods, typical 7 and 8 weights. They are almost 5 meters long, and we suggest you use a 10 ft tip, or 12 ft. Extremely easy to make a longer Spey cast, but they also work very well overhead.

Coming in both float and sinking densities will give a lot of options for your singlehanded fishing

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