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NextCast SalarFinder 45 Singlepiece

NextCast SalarFinder 45 Singlepiece

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SalarFinder 45 Singlepiece is an untraditional, long scandi head which is very well received by many Scandinavian fishermen. Funnel taper design enhances deeper rod loading and quicker recovery to generate higher line speed for distance delivery. This is a line for long casts and big rivers. For the experienced angler wanting those extra meters of perfect presentation, the SalarFinder 45 is an excellent fit.

SalarFinder 45 Singlepiece comes ready with all three densities in the shooting head - no tip needed, just the leader!

All sinking lines are made with PU coating 

Available Densities:
FFF: Float 

FH1: Float + Hover + Sink1
FH3: Float + Hover + Sink3

F36: Float + Sink3 + Sink6

H12: Hover + Intermediate + Sink2
123: Sink1 + Sink2 + Sink3
246: Sink2 + Sink4 + Sink6
468: Sink4 + Sink6 + Sink8

6810: Sink6 + Sink8 + Sink10

Class               Weight excl. tip        Length excl. tip
8-9                           39,5g                        12,4m
9-10                         43,4g                        13,3m
10-11                       47,3g                        14,0m
11-12                       51,8g                        14,9m
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