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NextCast SalarFinder 40 Singlepiece

NextCast SalarFinder 40 Singlepiece

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SalarFinder40 Singlepiece is the integrated version of SalarFinder 40, with three densities in one line and no need to connect a tip. This is an extremely balanced line, delivering tight and straight loops. It has a quite powerful rear end with an even tapering making it a great line for all situations from low summer rivers to conditions demanding heavy sinking lines.

The line has a 50 pound core. All sinking lines are made with PU coating.

Available densities
FFF: Float 
FH1: Float + Hover + Sink1
FH3: Float + Hover + Sink3

F36: Float + Sink3 + Sink6
H12: Hover + Intermediate + Sink2
123: Sink1 + Sink2 + Sink3
246: Sink2 + Sink4 + Sink6
468: Sink4 + Sink6 + Sink8

Class         Weight          Length
7-8              35,6g             10,6m
8-9              38,2g             11,2m
9-10            40,8g             11,8 m
10-11          44g                12,4m

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